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Thanks for stopping at the website of Penny Freeman. More information on its way. In the mean time . . .

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My Father's Son, historical fiction coming soon from Penny Freeman

Coming in 2016:

historical fiction from Penny Freeman

When long-sighted friends set about raising up the ultimate power couple, certain the match will rescind an unjust attainder and heal a forty-year family rift, they have every reason to expect success. However, fate and Napoleon haven’t consulted them. While he is embroiled in the endless war, Richard Durant’s life-long enemies see in his goddaughter, the singular Cassandra Sterling, a tool for their ultimate revenge. Setting their own plans in motion, they hurtle all connected to her on a collision course with heartbreak.

Pierpont Durant has devoted his life to meeting the expectations of his father, trapped in a world of shadow and a life of skullduggery. The only personal hope he has retained now seems forever beyond his grasp. Torn between his private dreams and his duty to country, “Piper” must choose between pursuing the love of his life, or halting Bonaparte’s relentless march across the Continent.